The Abstract Library is a members-only resource providing a database for easy access to veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation-related scientific abstracts.

Whether you’re an ACPAT physiotherapist wanting quick access to up to date evidence based medicine for a specific condition, a rehabilitation practitioner searching to see whether a specific modality may be of use for a patient or a student studying for a qualification, this resource should provide quick access to relevant articles of interest.

  • The database is organized into categories (anatomical area, disease, modalities, etc.) and a specific abstract may be accessed from multiple categories where applicable.  See drop down box at bottom right of page.
  • Abstracts are provided via external links to scientific databases for copyright purposes.  The title is in white and the full abstract can be found by hovering and clicking over the black reference link below it.  The abstract will open in a new window.
  • The Library is a constantly evolving resource; abstracts are added gradually either as they are published or as older articles are discovered.  It’s usefulness will therefore – like a good wine – continuously improve with age!
  • As abstracts are added, they will be visible under the Archives section by month of posting.  Here you can view those that have been added since you last checked.
  • If you find an article that you think may be of use in the library, please e-mail it to me at
  • For access to the full articles, please contact the relevant journals or publishing companies.  There is often a cost associated with this but some may be available as open-access online so check first.

We hope you find this resource a useful addition to your membership.  Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.


(Scientific Representative, BVRSMA committee)

August 2014