Welcome to the BVRSMA clinical club!  Open to all; we hope that our participants will come from a diverse range of backgrounds including general practitioners interested in specific topics, rehabilitation practitioners, those pursuing further education in sports medicine and current researchers in the field.

The club is a resource for members to:

  • promote evidence based medicine
  • keep up with the literature (see also our abstract library)
  • partake in continuing professional development
  • learn critical appraisal skills
  • promote discussion and potential research collaboration between veterinary surgeons in our field.

We meet periodically to discuss research evidence available on topics relevant to veterinary rehabilitation and sports medicine.  Meetings are held online via a chat room where all participants have the opportunity to contribute as much or little as they’d like.  A clinical club packet will be distributed during the week prior to the meeting to all members that have signed up for that meeting.  This will include a copy of the paper(s) and an overview of the format of that meeting with associated questions/ideas to consider.