An excellent opportunity to build CPD credits and network with colleagues prior to BSAVA Congress. Director of the Foundation of Acupuncture and Alternative Biological Treatment Methods, Sabbatsbergs Hospital, Stockholm Dr. Thomas Lundberg and Dietrich von Schweinitz will present a full day of lectures and discussions on the physiology of acupuncture and ‘review of meridian research and origins of the energetics schools of acupuncture’. Places are limited. Further information from ABVA on 01606 786783, email or see

ABVA Meeting: The Geriatric dog- a 2-day course looking at the use of acupuncture in the care of the geriatric dog. 29-30 January 2013, Langford House, Bristol BS40 5DU

Includes practical labs on clinical examination- gait and posture analysis and palpation, needling design, discussion and needling, and designing a management programme through appropriate choise of therapeutic exercises. Further information available from ABVA on 01606 786782 or

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