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The program for this year’s Symposium on Therapeutic Advances in Animal Rehabilitation has been published. 

The Symposium will run from April 25-28 in Morristown, New Jersey. Further details are available here:

STAAR 2018 Registration & Info


For information on this upcoming conference which may be of interest to members follow this link for the program:

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We’ve received information about an upcoming event looking at behaviour and pain. Follow the link below for more info!

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BVRSMA are delighted to announce that registration is now open for our Autumn CPD meeting. This year’s topic is head injury which promises to be both very useful and informative for everyone with an interest in rehab.

Further information here:

BVRSMA CPD 2017 Flyer

Application form here:

Registration form BVRSMA CPD Sep 2017


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Many of our followers will be aware of the acute pain scales developed at the University of Glasgow for  both cats and dogs, and have probably seen the new scale for chronic pain in dogs. 

The exciting news is that the team via their company NewMetrica have a feline version underway and close to completion, and when finalised it will give clinicians, owners and researchers a revolutionary tool for measuring quality of life in cats suffering chronic painful conditions.

The scale is already valid and reliable, and a only small number of new cats  are needed to fully complete the process. If you have a healthy cat or cats, or a cat with osteoarthritis or a chronic condition  which in a vet’s opinion could impact on the cat’s quality of life, you could help!

If you are interested in being involved in this hugely important work, please contact Dr Cory Elizabeth Noble BSc, PhD at: 

The Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists Spring meeting was held in Manchester this week past with the theme focussing on chronic pain. The whole event was very well attended and organised, and from a rehab point of view it was exciting to see several well respected speakers across different disciplines emphasising the need for cooperation and a multi-discipline approach to managing chronic pain patients.

We were treated to some fascinating insights into topics including current advances in functional MRI for understanding and treating chronic pain as well as the extraordinary anatomical insights of Leonardo da Vinci alongside behavioural and emotional aspects of chronic pain and updates on research into pharmacology and pain neuroscience.

AVA’s autumn meeting will be in Berlin from 9-11 November and we hope to announce more details as they are published.


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