Continuing professional development for Veterinary surgeons, physiotherapists and nurses


BVRSMA PawVeterinary rehabilitation is a specialised field of veterinary medicine. Although this is a relatively new area, there is now growing interest and acceptance within the veterinary profession in the UK.

The benefits of proper rehabilitation are being recognised, and many veterinary surgeons and physiotherapists are beginning to use hydrotherapy and other forms of physiotherapy, as part of their post-operative and post-injury rehabilitation programme. It is also useful preventively in certain orthopaedic conditions, and for management of obesity and other musculoskeletal/neurological problems.

Rehabilitation programmes must be developed and carried out by experts with a thorough knowledge of tissue healing times and protocols. Therapists need to be qualified practitioners, and members of The British Veterinary Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Association (BVRSMA.) Membership of BVRSMA is open to qualified veterinary surgeons and ACPAT physiotherapists. Veterinary nurses, veterinary students and physiotherapy students may become associate members.

The aims of the BVRSMA will be:

  • To regulate the use of hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and rehabilitation to ensure it is performed by suitably qualified and experienced professionals
  • To provide continuing professional development for veterinary surgeons, physiotherapists and veterinary nurses, and to provide training courses and certification in the UK.
  • To maintain standards of excellence and ethics to and develop a code of practice
  • To encourage and fund scientific research and evidence based clinical trials
  • To promote the understanding, acceptance and integration of physiotherapy and rehabilitation within the veterinary profession.
  • To achieve recognition from regulatory bodies such as the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.
  • To be affiliated with other veterinary associations such as the British Small Animal Veterinary Association, British Equine Veterinary Association etc.

Lowri Davies

Rhona Warnock


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